Who We Are

AMEU a nonprofit organization, membership based which aims to involve nurses, paramedics, EMT’s, respiratory therapists and other health care providers who provide emergency care and are involve in academic and research activities related to emergency nursing. You can find us at Calle 25 N. 96, Prohogar, 02600 Azcapotzalco, México, D.F. In a white, with bulletproof glass and 3 floor building.


To dignify the nursing practice in the emergency care settings, with a leadership and full conviction to impel the Mexican Nursing to obtain national and international recognition.


To define the future of the emergency nursing practice in Mexico trough experience, continuous education, innovation, support and leadership.


Based in Mexico City, in 2002 arises The Mexican Association of Emergency Nurses, its first government body was elected in march 28th 2003 in a small ceremony at the “Hospital Juarez de Mexico” hosted by Alejandra Perez Perez, RN, DON, electing Gerardo Jasso Ortega as a founder President, Aracely Aguilar Reyna as a General Secretary, Maricruz Navarro Castro as Vice Secretary and Sandra Cervantes Avila as Treasurer.

In its first biennium 2003-2005 the Hospital General Regional No. 1 “Gabriel Mancera” I.M.S.S. (Social Security Mexican Institute), was the headquarters, the invaluable support of the Director of Nursing Ms. Martha Espinoza de los Monteros,RN, BSN, was of great importance for the growth of our group.

The first continuing education classes, for emergency nurses (free of charge) where initiated here. At the same time AMEU was invited to join and to represent Mexico in the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses, (WFCCN over 30 member countries in most continents of the world) as a council member;
In 2003-2005 AMEU held a position in the Executive Board.

Since 2005, AMEU endorsed the “Emergency Nursing Diploma” taught by the Escuela de Profesionales en Salud del Grupo Angeles, along with Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico (University of State of Mexico (UAEM), and thus year after year.

In the same year it was invited by the Comision Nacional de Arbitraje Medico (National Commission of Medical Arbitration) (CONAMED) to participate in a work group as a consultant to develop the “Recomendaciones Especificas para Enfermeria en la Terapia Intravenosa (Nursing Recommendations on the Intravenous Therapy Process ) which you can obtain in the following web address:

2004, Member of the Publishing Council; Nursing Magazine “Desarrollo Cientifico de Enfermeria”

During this time AMEU it has made formal appearance Internationally representing Mexico in the following events:
12th Annual Convention International Association of Forensic Nurses, (IAFN) Vegas NV, the USA September 2003, September 2004, 1st International Congress of WFCCN, in Cambridge, England where it receives its official appointment.

February, 2005, “7th Joint Annual Convention” in Critical Care and Emergency Nursing, in Manila Philippine, held at the “Philippine Hearth Center Hospital” and hosted by the Critical Nurses Association of Philippines (CCNAPI.)

May 2005, International Council of Nurses (ICN) World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan and September 2005, 2nd World Congress of WFCCN & Intesive Care Societies in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

May 2006, Ixtapa-Mexico, Host its 1st International Congress and become a cofounder along with the Spanish Society of Emergency Nursing (SEEUE) of the Iberoamerican Federation of Emergency Nurses.